You make a difference. Thank you to the donors/visitors/volunteers

This page is dedicated to the wonderful people who give what they can, donations, companionship, volunteer projects.  You really do make a difference.

Unfortunately this photo came out a bit blurred. Far left is Edwin, one of the residents. Next is Fernando Panizo, Miguel Lau, Carolina Gamboa and her daughter Gabriela. You can see behind them and to each side bags of food and clothes, soda, tuna fish and much more. I am proud to say they were my students. Another better photo of them below.
Miguel, Edwin, Fernando, Carolina and Gabriela
Silvia Belen Moreno, on the right, with Estrella, one of the residents. Silvia works at New Horizons and made her first visit last week and will be returning with a friend on the 30th. She is actively trying to organize some of her friends to participate and share the experience and is keen to get involved in our hoped for painting project. Can’t wait to see her with paint on her nose. :).

Miguel Lau paid another visit on Saturday and brought his sister Isabel Lau and a coworker Lilly Sanchez.  They brought a carload of donations…awesome people that they are.  To make it even better, through Lilly and the students of her Masters course who have kept in touch and work together to put on a christmas project every year for those in need, they are now working on participating in a Christmas party for the children on December 17.  We are thrilled to have their participation.

On the right, Miguels sister Isabel and third from the right Lilly Sanchez with some of the girls. On the left one of the girls holds a puppy born last month.
Lilly and Isabel checking out the craft shop where the children do some very nice work.

A very special thank you to some members of British Expats who have kindly donated cash to help with the food situation.  Jersey Girl, Sue, Macca67, Willmore, Nicky, Limynus, arnie2oz and Ozzidoc.  Many many thanks.  It will be a big help.  The food purchased with their donations is shown here. 100 kilos of rice, 50 kilos of flour, approximately 100 kilos of various beans and lentils, sugar, 50 kilos potatoes, 50 kilos onions, 450 eggs, 15 whole chickens, pineapples, oats for cereal, cooking oil and a few more items.  Hats off to them for their generosity.   

For an update on the generosity of British Expats, please go to the above link British Expats in support of Westfalia: A special thank you. 

Thank you BE members
Thank you BE members.

Another special thank you to my daughter Karen in NY for her contribution.

Food donation provided by staff at New Horizons. Rice, wheat, mandarins, lots of dried beans, tuna fish, pasta, sugar.
Maria Gracia made another visit. She is a very sweet young woman and the kids loved her attention and her nail polishing skills. 🙂
Alex, a Brit who has been living in Lima for some years attended the Christmas party and returned on the 24th. The children were a real hit with him and he is planning much more involvement.
Stef Ventura paid a visit and was a pleasure to have there. You can see her on the left running away from the possibility of having to try a few native dance steps. 🙂

More new visitors will be making their way to Westfalia in the near future.


2 thoughts on “You make a difference. Thank you to the donors/visitors/volunteers

  1. I feel sorry about all your kids how they don’t have a better bed ,all that you can eat I feel very sorry but my dad is coming over to donate some clothes and talk to you how it feels like to be in this way ,but you guys do have some happy times, I would love to come but I need to learn a bit more spanish ciao

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