Upcoming projects.

We have a few delayed projects that we hope to start in the near future.

 Originally planned for November of last year but, with so much involved with the Christmas projects and other activities and then the cost of the water purification project, we found it necessary to put this on hold until funds and time were available. We hope to begin a painting project, as soon as it becomes possible, to brighten up the children’s bedrooms.  The rooms are brick and quite dark.  Once the bedrooms are finished we hope to move into the common areas.  We will get some of the older children involved in the project but will need volunteers who are not afraid to get a little paint on themselves. 🙂  We hope to obtain some donations or at least some assistance from one of the major stores in Lima.  If not, then we will need to find a way to fund the project.  Any help will be appreciated.  We estimate that to finish all the bedrooms will require approximately 40 gallons of primer and 40 of paint (perhaps 4 or 5 different colors depending on the children’s color choices), as well as the necessary rolls and brushes.

The ideal situation is for volunteers to spend two days at Westfalia painting during the day and enjoying time with the children at night.  There is a residence area for volunteers who wish to spend time there with the children.  Arrive Friday night and work Saturday and Sunday before returning home.  However, we understand that not everyone can spend an entire weekend there and day volunteers are encouraged.  The estimated time required, number of days, depends on the number of volunteers.  We would hope that it would not require more than 4 weekends of work.

Christmas projects completed and photo pages posted.

January:  Window repair.  I put this on the list after seeing a number of broken windows in some of the residences.  Hopefully we can tackle that at some point in January.  Project completed.

Pending projects:

Window screens to keep the small mosquitoes out of the houses.  I anticipate ordering special 20×20 screen material from the U.S. to bring back in November, 2012, and hope to begin the project shortly thereafter.


 General repairs.

These photos give an indication of the repair and upgrading that is needed in many areas.


One thought on “Upcoming projects.

  1. Hello. My name is Amy Hoile and I live in Australia. I am travelling to Peru in December 2012 with a friend. We would love to come volunteer in your orphanage for a month and do the painting project and try to tackle the general repairs. Let me know how we can help!

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