General Photos

 Ava, above, one of a set of identical twins.  Her sister is in the second photo with Scott. There are three sets of twin girls at Westfalia.
Watching a movie. And an unfortunate view of Scott's rear end. Hmmm unfortunate crop job. 🙂
Two friendly little guys enjoying mandarin oranges that were brought that day.
A group of the younger children with my friend Scott who brought Westfalia to my attention.

Below is Silvia, on the right, who works at new Horizons

where I teach English.  She was almost instantly adopted as a best friend by Estrella, as you will see in other photos.  

This photo always makes me smile. How could it not?
Christmas party
Hula hoop at the ready.
Dance class

Christmas Party
Drama class

Fascinated with the games on Silvia’s cell phone.

Silvia, God love her, took a real interest in these kids and it was an eye opener for her.  But then she is a pretty special young lady with a good heart.

Scott with Estrella and one of the younger boys.  The fellow at the rear of the photo is Tio, the man charged with the daily running of the facility and whose patience with these children seems infinite.  He is always calm and gentle with them.  Rather saintly I think.

In the Cuy (guinea pig) enclosure.

The Cuy enclosure again.  That one wasn’t fond of being handled and gave her a little nip. Fortunately it didn’t break the skin.

Checking out the pig.

I confess that this one is one of my favorites.  She is a real character.

At the duck enclosure watching two mallards fighting over a female.   The boy on the left climbed in to try and break up the fight.

Personality plus in this one.

Some personality and a big grin here too.  He was determined to show me the baby ducks and seemed quite proud of them.

Most of them seem to love having their photos taken and seeing the result.  These two were going “Take my photo. Take my photo, please.”.  The little guy decided to get in on the act at the last minute.

She is a little dynamo, this one.

Scott hanging out and chatting with some of the children.
Scott with some of the children and the wonderful Christmas cards that they made.

Miguel playing jump rope with some of the children. Unfortunately I did not have the camera ready when he was jumping solo and fell over backwards trying to do a double jump. I imagine he is grateful for that. 🙂 Nice to see him having fun with the children and they really enjoy it too.

Below are some photos from a party on Saturday, Dec 10.


2 thoughts on “General Photos

  1. They deserve a lot more than i can do for them. To be honest, it has become a very positive experience in a life that was becoming somewhat boring.

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