Swimming day….

With summer here and no school we have begun weekly swimming for the children.    Because of the number of children involved, we take one house at a time (about 15 kids) and do two houses in one day.  On this first occasion of the year we actually had children from two of the houses because some were not available to go and the total number was 18.   They had a blast.   The place where the pool is normally charges 5 soles per child (about $1.90) and 7 soles (about $2.50) per adult.  They give us a reduced rate, which is quite nice of them.  This page will contain photos from various days during the summer months here.

Waiting patiently for the rest of the kids to sign out. No one gets out the gate without permission and/or accompanied and signing out.
Once out of the gate it is about a 1 kilometer walk down hill on this dirt road. The walk back up is the hard part.
A few stragglers. One of the Tias with Candy and baby Italo.
Once at the bottom of the hill at the river's edge they walk across this somewhat freaky bridge. I get woozy walking across it because it actually slopes to one side in one section because the support shifted and sank a bit when the river was high. I suspect that whomever built it had intended to erect concrete sidewalls but, for some reason, never did. As a result there are sections of rebar that stick up all along the sides making it quite dangerous if one should fall. Either end up in the river or impaled on a rebar. This is the route the kids take to go to school every day.
Only a close up does this bridge justice. The rebar is a real danger.
The young ones were in the shallow pool about 3 seconds after getting there. So excited.
The slide was a big hit and was well used.

Scott went and bought a nice supply of floaters for them to use. They were a hit.
Gisella, one of identical twins (Gisella and Milagros) All smiles today.
10 month old Italo watching from the sidelines.
Someone thinks it's cold.
There's that Gisella smile again. For us there is no reward greater than seeing these kids smile, and there were plenty of those today.
Joselin Seferina. Anyone would be happy to have a child like this one. So calm, happy, polite and just plain sweet. Found out today that she does not have a bathing suit and wore a tank top and a sort of sarong over her underwear, as you can see in the photo below. I'll be shopping for a bathing suit for her this week. Actually it seems that most of the girls do not have bathing suits. Not surprising I suppose since the only time they would need one is when we take them swimming. Might be a bigger shopping list. .

Joselin having a bad hair moment.
Scotts friend and fellow teacher Stefanie had prepared about 80 small sandwiches. I never saw anything disappear so fast. Hungry kids after a swimming workout.
Thirsty too.


Our second trip to the pool.  Jan 27, 2012

Estefany applying sunscreen to the children. Mother hen she is. 🙂
Scott handing out the floaters.

Estefany is awesome with these kids and devoted so much to helping them learn to swim.
Estefany also made all the sandwiches for the kids and distributed them.

Scott fought the pool and the pool won. A slight miscalculation on a dive found him cracking his nose and shedding blood. It adds character to that mug. 🙂

Awesome day with the kids.  We had scheduled a bus trip for the older children (teenagers) to one of the beaches South of Lima on February 10 but now it will be a two bus event with all the children and the Tias and Tios.  More than 100 people.    Can’t wait.  Should be quite the scene.


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