Photos of the orphanage and the land it occupies

The walkway in front of the main building.
Over the years they have managed to create a few oasis of green to try and minimize the gloomy and desolate appearance of the area.
A little greenery goes a long way to reduce the depressing vista that is all around.
One of the residences for the children.

Another of the residence buildings.  There are 5 in all.

Residence building.

The bathrooms usually leave much to be desired.  There are two like this in one building to serve as many as 15 people.

The bedrooms have two sets of bunk beds and, in some rooms, a foam mattress on the floor between them so as to accommodate 5 children.  All the “mattresses” are just foam and not very supportive.

All the cooking for 90+ children is done in a central location and this as an example of the kitchens in the residences that are used for portioning out the meals and cleaning of the dishes.   As you can see, much work needed here too.

The building you see at the rear of the photo is where much of the cooking is done.

Virtually every building has missing glass in windows.  The far left and far right windows here are covered with little more than paper and cardboard.  A lot of glass needs replacing.

The main cooking area where most meals are prepared in huge pots.

Another cooking area with a stove that has seen better days.

The same cooking area.  Pretty spartan for dealing with 90+ kids.

The library room.  In the process of sorting out book donations.

This is a sort of kindergarten room for the children too young too attend the local public school.

A display of crafts made by the children to sell for financial support of Westfalia.

Playground for the younger children.

The resident llama.

The resident sheep.  Animals are an important therapy for some of the kids.

One of three really big pigs in residence.

Not much in the way of medical supplies for so many kids.

Mountains surround Westfalia.