New Horizons: You make me proud.

The staff and students of New Horizons, the English language and Computer training institute where I teach, stepped forward in a huge way to help bring off the most amazing Christmas Party on Dec 17.  They were not alone in the endeavor as Lilly Sanchez brought many of her former Masters classmates and friends to the effort, and Miguel Lau (a former student) worked closely with her in bringing his friends and family members into the project.

I confess that at the beginning I wondered, actually worried,  about whether we would be able to achieve our goal of a gift for each of the 92 residents.  I need not have been concerned. Between New Horizons, Miguel and Lilly and their friends and family and Scott with Sonrisas en Peru there were more than 200 gifts provided.   The kindness and generosity of Peruvians who take their social responsibility seriously was there to save the day.  Unlike most of us who have lived in a more sheltered environment, they see the effects of poverty every day whether on the streets or along the roads leaving Lima or in numerous impoverished areas of the city, and they love their country, as do I, and and their hearts are in the right place.

Aside from gifts, New Horizons staff contributed cash with which to buy even more in the way of general food supplies.  Between their efforts and those of British Expats in that area the once critical need for food has been alleviated for the time being.   One thing is certain, the children had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the company of the many New Horizon staff and students who attended the party (thanks to Claudia arranging the provision of a large bus for transportation) and spent time with them.   I think the children stole more than a few hearts that day.

Photos can be seen on the Christmas Party page.


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