Beginnings of Westfalia

This blog is dedicated to 90 children who have stolen my heart and who have my devotion.  These are children who have been orphaned, abandoned or victims of physical or sexual abuse in the home.  Using the page links at the top of this page you will learn the story of Westfalia from the beginning and up to today.  You will see some of the most likable children I have ever met.  You will learn about the desperate needs that are faced every day by the children and those who care for them.  I hope that it will open a very special place in your heart.  If you can find it in your heart to help meet the nutritional needs, educational needs and a cheerful Christmas, please go to the link below and donate what you can. Every penny of donated money goes directly to benefit the children. Every little bit helps, and the needs are great.  To return to this page from anywhere in this blog, just click on the heading title….The Children of Westfalia Orphanage.

Saludos, George S.

In 1990, the Peruvian government donated a piece of desolate, barren land to a private organization to build an orphanage for children in desperate need. Since that time the extent of government assistance has been a monthly allotment of rice.  No financial aid of any kind.  You can see the barren nature of the area in the google earth image above.

It was through the generosity of a group from Germany that the facilities themselves were built and as a result each building carries a plaque with a name in German.  Volunteers still arrive from Germany on occasion to devote some time to this good work.  They are not alone, as people from various countries including the U.S., Australia, Canada and elsewhere have also made the long trek to Westfalia.  Their visits and their help are always greatly appreciated and none return home without leaving behind a piece of their heart.

Without any financial support from the government, Westfalia is left to rely on whatever donations and private support they can obtain.  I am amazed at what they have accomplished under such difficult circumstances.   Sadly, the ongoing needs are significant and will be covered in more detail in another post.   I hope that you will take the time to read all about this place and these children and, perhaps, open your heart to them.


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