General Photos 2

With ever more photos piling up I decided to add a second general photo page.

I took a colectivo taxi to the foot bridge today and walked up the hill to the orphanage. On the way I saw an old woman herding her goats down the hill. I snapped this and immediately she shouted at the goats and they came charging down the hill with her close behind. She might have been trying to run me over. lol
Some soccer in the dust.
For months I found nothing attractive about the barren mountains of rock and sand that surround the place. Lately I have developed a new appreciation for the vista.
Maria Gracia decided, for some strange reason, that she would walk along the top of the monkey bars. She didn’t quite get to the walking part but everyone had a good laugh.


Stephanie on the far left and Maria Gracia are two young women in their early 20’s who come to visit the children regularly. They are so good with them and almost like mother hens. The kids love them. Also in the photo are Joeslin, far right, and Yarisel.

There was a recent donation of numerous used roller blades, a few scooters as well as some skate boards.  With only one place where it is possible to use them, the patio in front of the offices, the traffic can get pretty busy.  🙂

More like push board than skate board.  The young lad riding the skateboard is Jorge. He has so much hair I call him Jorge con mucho pelo (Jorge with a lot of hair) and he calls me Jorge sin pelo (Jorge without hair)  Funny guy.  lol
I’m sure those roller blades are 4 sizes to big for Cris Jade, but she sure learned how to use them.
Gisella as scooter girl.

Some of the younger children playing soccer in the dirty, rocky area that passes for a soccer pitch. they are covered in dust by the time they are finished.
A lot of fun was had in the preschool room that doubles as a place for music and dance lessons. Some of the girls convinced Scott to try dancing. That was certainly good for a laugh and he was a real sport about it.
The children walk about a kilometer down the hill to cross this foot bridge on their way to school. They walk a long way from there to school. The bridge has seen better days. Faulty construction caused the footing to move and in one case sink into the river bed when the water was running heavily. Worst of all is that there are no side railings and there are two foot high pieces of rebar that stick up from the concrete every 5 or 6 feet.  It seems that whomever built it intended to put concrete side walls but somehow didn’t.  When the river is dry in the winter the locals create a road across the river bed, about 5 feet high, with a short span of log bridge to permit early minimal water runs to pass through.  During the winter that is how we get to Westfalia.

When summer comes the river begins to flow from the rains in the mountains and we need to take a different route to the orphanage.  Somewhat ironically we have to enter the security gate of a resort that is frequented by the more well to do Limenas, people from Lima, to get to an orphanage for children from poverty. You can see the resort here.

The photos below, shot through the windshield, give you an idea of the route.

A makeshift dirt road takes us along the river for about two miles or so.
When we reach the foot bridge we take a left on another dirt road.
On the left is a sort of community gathering place. Bar and restaurant and, occasionally, bull fights. I’m not kidding. They erect an enclosed bleacher system of wood and quite flimsy from what I saw. They were having a bull-fight as we passed on our way out one day.
There is no shortage of rocks and boulders in Peru. the Inca were masters of construction with this most basic of material and it is still used extensively in some ways.
All of these huge boulders are installed by hand.

The front gate. Sign in and sign out. Good security for the children.
One of a few views across the farm that borders the orphanage. The mountains make a nice backdrop.

A bird happened to fly past during this shot
The contrast between the barren land of the orphanage and the fertile land of a farm a mere 100 yards away always surprises me.

With the twins, Eva and Maria. I can finally tell them apart. It all comes down to one freckle.
On Christmas Eve the little buggers were having a grand old time soaking Scot and me with water balloons.  We loved it.


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