Christmas Eve and Turkey dinner.

Christmas Eve day and a calm and happy turkey dinner with the kids.  This was an opportunity to be one big family without a lot of craziness and activities going on; just all of us together being grateful to have each other.  It is difficult to imagine more love in one place at one time.  The Tias got their information mixed up and thought we were eating at 7 or 8 at night, so they had not started cooking the turkeys when we got there at about noon.   They then had to cut them into pieces and cook them that way, but it was all good.  The kids loved having turkey with rice, potatoes with onions and mayo (sort of traditional) and boat loads of candy.

The candy purchase. It took 3 plastic cartons to get it out of the store and there were still items that had to be carried separately.
Oddly enough, once sorted and individually bagged it only took two containers to hold it. I suspect we will be responsible for an outbreak of tooth decay.
Scott handing out water balloons for the water balloon toss. Followed by a free for all. lol
Mariagracia, who paid her second visit with us, playing water balloon toss with one of the girls. You can see by the expressions on the faces of the kids watching that they were loving it, waiting for one of us to get soaked. They got me pretty good later, front and back and laughed hysterically.
Setting up the tables.
All together, one very big family.
Waiting patiently, and politely, for everyone to be served before eating.

The children gave a performance of some traditional indigenous music. Quite good.


The Tias (aunts, in Spanish, but they are not really relatives) do all the cooking, supervise the houses and take care of the children. The Tios (uncles in Spanish, and again not really relatives) do much of the needed work around the place and assist at every function. These hard working folks mostly come from poverty. They saw the children receiving gifts last week and were very happy for them, but we didn't think they should be left out, so we prepared gifts bags for all of them this week. What was heartwarming was hearing all of the children cheering loudly for every name called out. They love and respect all that they do for them. They were thrilled to see them get something for a change.
Mariagracia polishing the nails of a few of the young ones. She fit in so well with the children.
Scott playing child toss. They are constantly at him to do that. I always worry he will drop one. lol
The crew and me. We had such a good day. We hated to leave.
Scott with either Gisella or Milagros. Still can't tell them apart. 🙂
Joselin Sefarina and me. She sticks to me like glue when I am there. Some of the younger girls seem very much in need of a father figure in their lives. She is a totally sweet kid.


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