Christmas 2012

It took some time to collect some photos of the 2012 Christmas party.  Many of us were quite busy with various activities and had to depend on photos taken by others.  It was a great party, thanks to the many, many individuals whose participation and support made it possible.  Between Sonrisas En Peru, New Horizons and Business Links  as well as other friends and supporters and financial support from members of British Expats, more than 100 individuals provided almost 300 gifts for 140 children.   Turkeys were donated for the Christmas meal.  Additional food supplies were donated by the employees of New Horizons, an English and Computer technology Institute in Lima.  Student volunteers provided games and entertainment for the children.  All in all it was an awesome time for the kids.  None of it would have been possible without the generous support of so many individuals.  They have our deepest gratitude.  Now for a few photos.


Handing out bags of candy.
Handing out bags of candy.


Serving the turkey dinner
Serving the turkey dinner
Hungry and happy kids
Hungry and happy kids


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