British Expats in support of Westfalia: A special thank you.

It is difficult to adequately express the generosity of some members of British Expats.  It is more difficult to find appropriate words to thank them because words do not seem sufficient.

Please see this page to learn how the generosity of BE members is helping to solve   the problem of providing clean drinking water.  Without them, it could not have happened.

As a result of initial donations by BE members we were able to deliver two cars filled with  in the way of food including rice, flour, various dried beans and lentils, eggs, chicken, oats, canned fish, sugar, cooking oil, pasta, pineapples and much-needed food.

But their generosity was far from finished.  The second round of donations was 4 times the amount of the first and that was followed by an additional and very large donation from the extended family of one member in particular.

To say that this came as an emotional boost to me as well as to Scott is an understatement.   We were moved by such generosity and encouraged by the knowledge that we would be able to accomplish some goals that we feared would be difficult to attain.

The result?  Another two vehicles filled with food.  Provision of a rare meal of arroz con pollo for the Dec 17 Christmas party and funding for a special family style Christmas Eve party with traditional Peruvian treats, hot chocolate, panatone, sweets, a turkey dinner and more.  Photos of the Christmas parties can be seen at the above link for Christmas Party December 17, 2011

With the seriousness of the drinking water problem, and the need to address it as soon as possible, we had to put two other planned projects on hold.  Painting bedrooms and installing screens on the windows has to wait for now.   The money was better spent to provide sanitary drinking water without the need to boil enough every day for more than 100 people.

With the help of their donations we were able to replace 90 broken window panes.  It gets quite cold at night there and most of the bedrooms had broken windows that allowed the cold air in at night.   That problem has now been solved with the help of British Expats.

Photos of all activities and projects funded by the British Expat donations will be posted here as available.

The children are aware of who made this all possible, although they were not certain what a British Expat was and some explanation was needed to satisfy their curiosity about these strangers who provided so much for their benefit.  What is true is that they are extremely grateful and actually hope that some of those donors will come to visit them someday.  They would be welcomed with open arms and open hearts.   Thank you British Expats.  From the hearts of each and every one of us.

Photos of Christmas Eve with the help of BE can be seen at the above link for   Christmas Eve and Turkey dinner


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