Casa 2 is finally finished

One project that stayed and weighed heavily on my mind for more than a year has finally been completed.  Casa 2 had been sitting for a year and a half partially renovated and uninhabited.  Thanks to cash donations from a regular donor in Canada as well as my friend Randy, a new support, Florent and myself we were able to provide the rest of the ceramic tile needed for the floors, paint and material to fabricate wardrobes for the bedrooms.  The casa is now occupied and Casa 5 is empty and awaiting the mandated renovations.  The major structural work had already been done in Casa 2, so what remained was easy to do.  Casa 5 is a different story and will be very expensive as it requires structural changes to accommodate doubling the size of two bathrooms.


I have to tell you that I cannot say enough about my friend Randy who threw his back out assembling all of those wardrobes.   He is quite handy to have around and has even moved from Lima to Cienegilla where he is only minutes from the orphanage, which allows him to spend more time carrying out various projects.  He is a blessing, for sure.


Photos to follow soon. I will be there next Saturday and take some.   Thanks, from the heart,  to those who made this possible.


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