Traditional costumes and dance.

The Colegios (secondary) schools in Cienegilla had a fiesta last night for traditional Peruvian dance, in traditional clothes that can still be seen in the Andes. There was a dance contest last night, but way to late for me to be able to stay. There are about 20 or so kids from the orphanage who attend this school and some are in the photos. Gorgeous costumes. The second photo has 4 of our girls. The last photo, the girl all smiles in the middle, in black and white, is Roxana who did me the honor of asking me to be her sponsor for her graduation.

2012-12-01 16.46.13 (2)2012-12-01 16.46.462012-12-01 16.47.06 (2)2012-12-01 16.48.38 (2)2012-12-01 16.58.43 (2)2012-12-01 16.59.12 (2)2012-12-01 17.00.13 (2)2012-12-01 17.00.00 (2)2012-12-01 17.05.04 (2)


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