One individuals major donation…

The first delivery of items made possible by the more than generous donation on the part of one amazing individual from British Expats. On Monday, Oct 1,  I delivered the following:

45 kilos laundry detergent

12 gallons bleach

120 tubes of toothpaste

400 feminine hygiene pads

200 rolls of toilet paper

48 bottles of shampoo

68 large bars of soap

Also tossed in 6 boxes of chocolate covered goodies for the kids.

Friday I will be going to a Mercado in Lima Centro to buy more pots and numerous other cooking and kitchen related items.

By Saturday, pending a list of sizes, I will be delivering 40 pair of athletic shoes.  The older children need them for athletic classes at school. This significant financial donation makes this purchase possible.   Thanks also go to Scott from Sonrisas en Peru for arranging an amazing price through his girlfriends, Pamela’s, uncle who will manufacture them.

All in all it will be approximately $2,000 worth of much needed items.

Did not have my camera with flash, so this is a bit dark.



Further purchases using this individuals donations included new pots for the casas, a huge supply of various kitchen items and running shoes for the children in secondary school.   We will soon use the remaining funds from this donation to provide running shoes for the children in primary school.  



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