Peru Independence Day meal and celebration.

Full disclosure:  this was not one of our projects, but I wanted to share what was a great day for the kids.,  There are a few occasions during the year when the children have the opportunity to eat food that is far from normal for them. Very few occasions. While we have funded, with your help, special meals for the Christmas party and for Christmas Eve, the opportunities for such meals are rare.  On any other day a normal lunch is often little more than lentils and rice or, on  many days, soup.  On this day, they dug into traditional Peruvian foods that were prepared by some of the children with adult guidance.  Each casa, or house, prepared a different traditional food.   You can see the plates piled high and often they went back for seconds.   It was really a joy to see them having such a great meal.   Peruvian food is quite wonderful and seeing them enjoy the food of their culture was wonderful.



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