School Uniforms!

I am beginning to think that I need to win a lottery to keep up with even a 10th of the needs of these children.  Today, in conversation with the Director, I discovered that many of the children need school uniforms.  A Uniform is required, regardless of your circumstances. They have been in school for more than two months this year and the school is pushing on them to get uniforms.  Aside from that pressure, I imagine that it is embarrassing for the children to be the only ones who stand out because of their lack of uniforms.   I looked at the list of children who needed a uniform, with the cost.  The total came to 10,000 Peruvian Sols.  Almost $4,000 U.S.    I asked how much they had and had mild chest pain.  All they have is 1,400 Sols, about $526 U.S.  That leaves a shortfall of more than $3,400.  When it comes to the blouses and shirts, that is not horribly difficult.  They are the same for all schools and can be purchased for not a huge amount of money.  The problem is the skirts, pants and jackets which are specific to the school in terms of color etc.  They are also required to wear approved shoes.  If you can help, please, go to this page and give what you can by using the donate button.  If the link will not function, please paste it into your browser.

 We want all of these children to have their uniforms and not be prevented from attending school because of the lack of one. 


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